What We Offer

Private or semi-private lessons allow for dogs and their people to learn best. Whether it's in your own home or in our Schoolhouse, the best learning happens when your dog is comfortable and able to focus.


We want the human-dog team to feel excited at the start of each lesson, because they know the attention will be solely on them, and they will be getting the best they can out of our time together.

Our Services

1 Hour Private Lesson at the Right Vibe Dog Training Schoolhouse

Let's dive in and do our training laps! Stay the course with your regular training so we can get closer to your goals, be creative problem solvers, and have fun with your dog. Lessons will take place at the RVDT Schoolhouse at 184 Northwest Rd, Westhampton where you will be in a safe and comfortable space to focus, free of home life distractions.

Day Training in 4- or 8-Hour Increments

This is one-on-one immersion training or one-on-two tandem training. Both incorporate moderate exercise such as leash walking skills, focused time spent on specific training skills, and socialization with 1 - 2 dogs when appropriate. Our Schoolhouse is set in a calming, quiet, and stress free natural environment. We will work at your dog's pace, but will be more likely to see quick results compared to shorter training intervals. Day training is great for puppies to get
targeted schooling for house training, puppy nipping, crate training, and more!


With the 4-hour training, 30 minutes of information transfer to the owner is included at the end of the training session to best help your pup generalize the skills to other environments. The 8-hour training includes 1 hour of transfer time at the end of the training session. Transfer time may also include trainer notes, video shares, and/or homework sheets as applicable.

"As a young puppy, Percy thrives in the safe, structured environment of the Schoolhouse for day training.

He has enough space to learn and play in a new, clean,

climate controlled space!"


Phone Meeting

Our clients often have important questions arise in between training sessions. Phone meetings for existing clients are a great way to address issues quickly. This service works well for a sudden behavioral concern that you need feedback on, help for a new puppy in the home as they develop through different stages, and unexpected pre- and post-medical procedure issues. This service is available daily except Saturday. Phone calls are scheduled for 45 minutes and charged at a rate of $15 per 15 minute increment, rounded up to the next 15 minutes.

House Call

I will visit your home to work skills and behaviors in your dog's regular environment.


Our Fee Schedule

Introductory 15-minute phone conversation (or equivalent email correspondence) are complimentary.

For all training sessions, our hourly fee is $80. For dog training in 4 or 8-hour increments, the fee is $150 for 4 hours or $250 for 8 hours.

Customized packages of lessons and/or day training can be designed to most effectively meet the goals we have set for your dog. Packages are convenient, priced reasonably, and guarantee that your dog gets the training time they deserve. Prepayment is required before the start of any package.

If you are uncertain how to schedule or what service is best for you and your dog, just give us a call or email. You’ll be connected with a live person who will be happy to help! We are serving the greater Northampton, MA area and the hilltowns. Travel fees for training at your location are $10 - $15 per visit.

Payment is due before or at the start of all lessons (packages are prepaid). Transaction details and methods of payment can be discussed at the time of booking. Also at that time, our registration forms, preventative health requirements, cancelation policy, COVID waiver, and general liability waivers will be explained.

Our Schoolhouse

The Schoolhouse, which is the space we lovingly created for training, was built primarily with the comfort of dogs (and their people) in mind. We know that learning happens best when the dog is comfortable and able to focusOur goal is to provide a space for training that is also a place that your dog will enjoy.

The space is 100% solar powered, climate controlled, and purposefully open and clear to eliminate distractions and things to worry about.


When we built the Schoolhouse, we worked to minimize exterior noises and activity, so the dogs can fully immerse themselves in the experience of learning. For breaks between lessons, and to provide another level of body and mind connection, we have a wide variety of toys, games, and puzzles for the dogs to explore.

Our goal with the Schoolhouse is to create an environment that brings out the very best in every dog, and helps their humans to learn how to get these behaviors when they leave our space and go home. We will continue to do whatever we need to in the Schoolhouse space to ensure that every dog and human team gets everything they can out of their lesson.


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