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Our clients...

At Right Vibe Dog Training, we listen.

Every family has different needs for their pet's behavior and training. In addition, every dog is an individual with varying motivators.


We coach to find common ground between you and your dog, so that you can share your best life together.

... and what they say

Allyson, Liz & Mayzie

"For several months, we have been training our 8-month-old Scottish Terrier puppy, Mayzie, with Sandra. The Day Training program has been an excellent way to augment and build on the skills that Mayzie has learned.


Day Training offers our Scottie stimulating and challenging activities, while also solidifying her “good doggie citizen” behavior. We have seen immediate growth and an increased transfer of skills from training to home in just a few sessions. Plus, Mayzie always comes back from Day Training tired and very happy!"


Susan & Zola

"Sandra has been an amazing teacher and trainer for both me and our puppy Zola. Sandra asks thoughtful questions, listens, offers advice, and teaches by example through both live lessons and videos, and Zola is extremely responsive to these lessons.

Additionally, Sandra has fantastic ideas and a wealth of experience that have helped us prioritize the right types of training for our puppy and family. We are grateful for Sandra’s thoughtful guidance and excited to be working with her."

Shawna & Lili

"Sandra is amazing with training puppies (and dogs); she is patient and directive while remaining consistently positive and encouraging throughout the training. 


She gave us good advice as new “dog parents” and is informative in her explanations. Her passion and skills are evident and you can clearly see how much she loves dogs."

Winnie copy.jpg

Allison & Winnie

"Sandra made my puppy Winnie feel comfortable immediately. He is always excited to see her. She clearly has a passion for helping animals and their people.


She comes up with creative solutions to behavioral problems and goes above and beyond as a trainer. Winnie’s reactions towards other dogs is absolutely perfect, largely thanks to Sandra’s assistance with socialization. I highly recommend her for puppy socialization groups and individual training."

Patty & Benny

“Sandra is a gifted and insightful trainer whose work with my puppy was transformative. Beyond her considerable skills and knowledge as a trainer, she has an intuitive understanding of how puppies make sense of and react to their world as they grow, and works with them to develop behaviors, skills and the social confidence to grow into happy, well-adjusted dogs. 

Sandra tailors her approach to each particular puppy’s needs and personality and provides comprehensive feedback to support the owner in better understanding their dog, and being able to practice some of the skills and behavior at home. I never feel this is just a business for Sandra: it is a deep commitment to and passion for her work and the puppies, and for helping families build a loving and joyful relationship with their pups.”


Kathryn & Mabel

"I can’t begin to describe the relief I felt upon meeting Sandra and laying my eyes on the Schoolhouse training facility. My sweet dog Mabel is a rescue with no known training under her belt. When we started with Sandra, we were working on recall, sit and down, and all of the other basics. Now, we’re starting to tackle some of Mabel’s anxiety about cars and roads.


Everything we do is based on positive reinforcement, which was so important to me. Sandra is unbelievably patient, caring, and knowledgeable about all things dog! What a gift for me and Mabel!"

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