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Celebrate With Us!

Thank you for making our first year in business such a success!


Help us celebrate a year of fun as Right Vibe Dog Training turns one year old!


In February we will celebrate the first anniversary of Right Vibe Dog Training! We are very proud that over this last year we built a regular client base of an amazing group of dogs and their owners, we opened our “Schoolhouse”, we created a sparkling new website, and we added new service offerings for you. 

To show our appreciation of your support and our gratitude for having the opportunity to work with your dogs, we'd like to offer you an exciting training package. Use this offer to target specific behavioral goals in a focused way, increasing your dog's chances of success. This package can also be used to prepare you and your dog for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, which we know is a goal for some of you. When it is behaviorally beneficial, we may suggest tandem training with another dog to enhance the learning experience. 


Two 4-hour day trains, which includes 30 mins of information transfer time

per training (such as direct instruction/demonstration, video shares,

homework sheets, etc.)

Three 1-hour in-person lessons

These services are valued at $540, but with the 15% anniversary discount I can offer you a total package price of $459. This offer is available for booking until January 10, 2022.

Trainings are available to start after 1/10/22, and they must be booked in a 6 week window, ending by 4/1/22 to give your dog consistency and the greatest chance at success. For example, if your initial lesson is 2/18/22, then the final lesson date must be booked by 4/1/22 or earlier.

Book the trainings in the order you choose. For example, opt for a 1-hour day train in the first week, followed by three weekly 1-hour lessons, and end with a 4-hour day train. However you configure your package, my aim is to bring to the table the highest quality learning experience possible. I hope to work with you and/or your dog soon! 

We have both COVID policies and cancellation policies in place. In the event of rescheduling, change in service, or cancellation of any of our trainings due to concerns over COVID transmission, we will adjust and attempt to minimize financial losses for all involved. 

Payment options are:

- Venmo (@rightvibedogtraining)

- Paypal (@SuperDogs4)

- Check made out to Right Vibe Dog Training and mailed to us at 184 Northwest Rd, Westhampton, MA 01027

Let's connect!

Your call or email is always welcome.

We look forward to meeting you 

and your furry companion!


Sandra Leiser, KPA-CTP
(413) 575-4768

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